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The Pipeline Show Clips - July 4th 2015
Seg 1 - First Segment - 18:58 mins
Segment 1: Guy and Taylor set up the show with the Question of the Night concerning reasonable expectations for Connor McDavid as a rookie in the NHL next season.
Seg 2 - QMJHL: Mike Sanderson - 16:07 mins
Segment 2: In the wake of the NHL Draft, the CHL Import Draft and the usual graduations to the pro ranks, it\'s time to get caught up with how the QMJHL looks as the off season truly begins. Which teams improved the most and which ones should we expect to take a step back? We\'ll ask Mike Sanderson from Yahoo Sports!
Seg 3 - OHL: Mike Farwell - 17:15 mins
Segment 3: In the OHL, Kitchener has a new goalie, Erie has new ownership and Windsor has a new coach. What other developments have transpired and how will all the changes affect the balance of power on the ice? Mike Farwell from the Rangers broadcast booth will share his thoughts.
Seg 4 - IN STUDIO: Gregor and Gruninger - 18:32 mins
Segment 4: Our summer \"In Studio\" series continues with a pair of WHL players who were teammates in Bantam before making their WHL debut this year. Both players will join us in studio for the entire second hour of the show.
Seg 5 - IN STUDIO: Gregor and Gruninger pt.2 - 17:26 mins
Segment 5: First, Moose Jaw Warriors forward Noah Gregor will be one of our guests. After a season where he was limited to just 10 appearances because of injury, Gregor will be looking for a much bigger contribution to the team as a sophomore.
Seg 6 - IN STUDIO: Gregor and Gruninger pt.3 - 16:07 mins
Segment 6: Our second In Studio guest will be Edmonton Oil Kings rookie Tyson Gruninger. The speedy forward forced his way onto the roster last season and will be looking to take on more responsibility in the coming year.

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